About US

Revitalizing taste of freshness in every sip


Water is an indispensable maintainer of life and the quality of drinking water determines how healthy you and your family are going to be. Being in the market for almost two decades, EuroAqua through years of continuous research and in depth knowledge of customer requirements, we come up with water purifiers that are easy to use, maintain and are engineered to address all the issues which can potentially make drinking water unhealthy and contaminated. 

Customer has always been at the centre of our business. We are passionate to deliver excellence and ensure satisfaction. Our experts craft products carefully with putting extra efforts to produce unmatched and best water purifiers.

EuroAqua prominent international consultancy and engineering firm, providing products, services and innovative solutions in the domain of Water Purifier & Waste Water Management. We are able to call upon the extensive expertise and superior technology of the water purifier & waste water management. Equipped with the vision for a healthier world and the technological expertise to come up with innovative solutions.

Environment & Sustainability are at the heart of our business philosophy and strategy.


EuroAqua endeavour to make every Indian healthy and ensure purity in their lives through water.


To achieve our vision through business ethics, global reach, technological expertise, building long-term relationships with all our associates, customers, partners and employees.


EuroAqua has been partnering with individuals, communities and organization over two decades helping them to solve their most critical and difficult water management challenges EuroAqua amassed the broadest filtration, separation, purification and recycling capabilities and experience in the world answering them.